Admission Procedure

  1.    All admissions into the College are made as per the guidelines of      Bharathiar University and Tamil Nadu State Government.

2.    Application for admission into the College should be submitted only in the prescribed form available in the college office.

3.    Normally, admissions are done only once in the beginning of the academic year.

4.    Details regarding eligibility for admission, documents to be submitted, fees to be paid etc., are given in the prospectus issued along with the      Application form.

5.    Any candidate who is found to have obtained admission by false
      representation will be summarily dismissed in future.

6.    If the student is absent without a valid reason and leave letter for more
      than five days continuously from the date of admission or reopening of the College whichever is later, the student’s name will be removed from the register.

7.    If a student leaves the College in the middle of any semester, she cannot
      claim remission of any portion of the fees.

8.    Students who have completed their course of studies, can get their
      Transfer and Conduct Certificates after clearing the dues to the     Laboratories and Library submitting written application to the Principal.

9.    If a student leaves the College at the end of an academic year, she can
      receive the Attendance Certificate required by the University if she applies for it.