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Students Satisfaction Survey

Students Satisfaction Survey for the year 2019 TO 2020.

According to the satisfaction survey obtained

  •  The  students were satisfied with the Teaching and Learning Methodology.
  • The students requested to have a seminar hall to organize seminars and workshops.
  • The students are able develop practical experience by organizing many department activities.
  • The survey concludes that the students from science background are able to study Computer Science with the help of the bridge course conducted.
  • Hostel students were not satisfied with the hostel facilities and suggested for new hostel.
  • They are able to score good marks in their university exams with the help of the remedial course conducted for them.
  • The students are motivated to participate in inter-college competitions.
  • They are interested in involving themselves in green auditing and extension activity.
  • Environment of the college is conducive for the overall personality development of the students.
  • The staff facilitate and motivate the students to update themselves by providing Awareness programmes, career guidance programmes and to pursue higher studies.

Students Satisfaction Survey for the year 2020 TO 2021.