Procedures and policies  for maintaining and utilizing physical
academic and support facilities.


Zoology laboratory

  • is well maintained and cleaned using disinfectant.
  • To avoid contamination of laboratory  instruments, The blood smears and tissue samples, The instruments are cleaned with disinfectant and detergent regularly.
  • The students are provided with gloves to handle chemicals and hot instruments.
  • Steam sterilization is done by autoclaves.
  • The cabinetry, refrigerators ,freezers, incubators and water baths are cleaned everyday.
  • The students are made to wash their hands with disinfectant after using the laboratory.

Botany laboratory

  • has enough  space to accommodate the students.
  • It is well equipped to conduct the university practical examinations.
  • The lab is well maintained by the lab assistants.
  • The laboratory equipments, microscope are serviced periodically by service personnel.
  • Continuous water supply is provided in the laboratory.

Physics laboratory .

  • There are four registers maintained in the physics laboratory namelyone accession register,two non consumable registers and one consumable register.The articles purchased are recorded in these registers.
  • Optical items such as prisms, lenses are kept away from electrical items.
  • Periodic inspection is done to prevent the equipments being affected by high humidity and dust.

Chemistry  laboratory

  • The Chemistrylaboratory is equipped with equipments ,consumables and semi consumables necessary  for qualitative and organic compound qualitative analysis.
  • The faculty of the Chemistry Department along with the lab assistants maintain the lab.
  • Stock is maintained periodically and physically verified every academic year and a stock register is maintained consistently.
  • Purchase of lab items is done through college by receiving price list and comparative statements from various companies.
  • The students are provided with gloves to handle chemicals and hot instruments.

Computer laboratory

  • The Computer laboratory is updated with latest software  according to the changing syllabus.
  • The system admin  maintains  the systems and services them regularly.
  • The UPS provides un interrupted power to the laboratory. 
  • Laboratory is provided with internet WI-FI connections.
  • Laboratory log book is maintained and the students are encouraged to use the lab even after college hours.
  • The papers and  print out for record for university practical examinations are provided in the collegelaboratory itself.
  • The students are not allowed to wear their foot wears inside the laboratory.
  • Technical experts service the computers once in a month.



Library Working Hours         : 9.30am to 5.00 pm

Circulation Hours                  :10.00 am to 5.00 pm


  • The library will be open from 9.30 am till 5.00 pm on all working days.
  • Strict silence, decorum and discipline should be maintained in the library.
  • No personal belongings are permitted inside the library.
  • Only plain papers can be taken inside the library for any reference work.
  • Use of mobile phones inside the library is strictly forbidden.
  • Library books should be handled with utmost care. Marking of any kind on the pages or   folding of pages, corners or such acts are strictly forbidden. Mishandling or damage to the books will invite penalty.If any book issued by the library is lost or misplaced, the concerned borrower should replace the same with the latest edition of the book. Failure to replace will invite penalty
  • at twice the cost of the book
  • The Library provides Photocopying service at a nominal cost.
  • Reference books, journals, back volumes, project reports etc will not be available for issue to anyone.
  • Laptops may be used inside the library (with the audio muted).


  • OPAC Service
  • Online Resources access Service
  • CD-Rom Search Service
  • Lending Service
  • Reference Service
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Information Display Service
  • Readers guidance and User Orientation Programme
  • Open Access Service
  • Xerox/Photocopying service


  • Computerized, Bar-coded  Library.
  • Collection of Books, Journals and Magazines.
  • Major Collections of E-books, E-Journals and E-databases access through LAN.
  • Free Internet Access to access E-mails and Academic and Non Academic Web sites.
  • Digital Library used for accessing E-Resources
  • Digital Collections of Audio  and Video materials


Dr.B.VimalaLibrarianMember Secretary
Dr.K.KothaiAssociate Professor& HeadMember
Dr.S.ManonayaghiAssociate Professor& HeadMember
Mrs.HemalathaAssociate Professor& HeadMember
Dr.K.SujathaAssociate Professor& HeadMember

The Library Advisory Committee looks after the operational and functional matters of theLibrary.

Department of Physical Education

Maintenance of the Sports and Games Field:

“One Man practicing sportsmanship is

far better than 50 preaching it ”

We are nurturing the same with positive things with Basketball, Throw ball and Indoor Games facilities available at our Institution

Basketball Court

  • We are painting and marking the Basketball floor and  board every year.
  • We have covered the Basketball court with the green nets to avoid obstacles from the surroundings.

Throw ball Court

  • We re-lay the ground every year and maintain the equipments in playing condition.
  • We mark the throw ball court by white powder.

Indoor Games Hall

  • The students are motivated to play the indoor games like Chess, Carom, Table Tennis etc.

We have our practice session in the evening for the upcoming Bharathiar University
Inter-collegiate tournaments and Invitation tournaments.

Since we do not have the Indoor Stadium for practices, we are planning to construct it in  the  near future.


  • The classrooms are well maintained with proper ventilation.
  • The housekeeping people clean the classrooms  daily.
  • The classrooms are enabled with WI-FI connections.
  • The blackboard is painted once in six months.
  • Sufficient lighting facilities are provided.
  • The students are provided with individual table and chair. The seating arrangements are such that they have enough space between the students.
  • ICT enabled teaching is encouraged to facilitate the students to learn better using the Audio- visual aids, PPTs  shown to them with the projectors