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Institutional Distinctiveness

A student should be a light to illuminate the world with education, making use of all the talents and opportunities.

Vision :

To develop all round personality of every individual and make each one a good human being.


  • To import a value-based education, moulding character, culture and infusing moral and ethical values.
  • To make education easily affordable to the economically backward students.
  • To make women independent and self sufficient to meet the challenges of life.

Goals & Objectives :

  • To provide quality Higher Education for the upliftment of the downtrodden women residing in and around Nilgiris.
  • To strive to be good human being who selflessly serve society.
  • To shoulder social and moral responsibilities to face the challenges of life.
  • To educate, elevate and emulate high ideals.
  • To inculcate leadership qualities, instill confidence and develop personality.


  • The long felt need for a college for women to meet the educational need of this town has been fulfilled by Emerald Heights College for Women since 1969.
  • Every year students secure University ranks
  • Students are trained in values through seminars, workshops, exhibition.
  •  The institution provides needs-based quality higher education to women, hailing from rural background.
  • Students are motivated to participate in diverse sports activities, and have won prizes at the intercollegiate, state and national level competitions.
  • It is in a pleasant and serene atmosphere.