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Best Practices



Title of the practice:


Objectives of the practice:

To spread love and compassion and to create a sense of social responsibility among the students.

Content :

National Service Scheme organized an “Old Age Welfare Association” on December 2019. The volunteers of this association will meet old age people in their vicinity. This association is organized to spread love and compassion to lead a health life worries and anxiety. They interact with old age people to know about their life as it is a sensitive phase and the need of elderly people. The volunteers help them to stop feeling disassociated and depressed.

Evidence of success:

The Volunteers of this association work from December 2019. This practice
creates a sense of social responsibility in the minds of the students and enables them
to gain insight about their value system. This practice also helps to promote the welfare of oneself and family and helps to believe that love, compassion, faith; charity and spirituality enrich one’s life.


Title Of The Practice:

The clean Nilgiris Campaign.

Objectives of the practice:

To raise awareness among the students to make the environment clean and hygienic.


Every year students participate in a cleanliness drive with broom, masks and gloves. They clean the town area and collect garbage and separate it into non-biodegradable and biodegradable wastes. Students interact with public and advise them on the importance of keeping the surrounding clean and hygienic. They  interact with the local shopkeepers and urge them to use paper bag instead of plastic and to keep a dust bin near their shops so that the waste isn’t littered around.

Evidence of success:

During the academic year 2019-2020 on October 2nd the clean Nilgiris Campaign was conducted on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday to create awareness on cleanliness from Bus stand to Charring Cross to in Ootacamund. The shopkeepers understood the importance of keeping their surrounding clean and gave them sweets as a token of love. Students enjoyed and participated with enthusiasm in the cleanliness campaign.